Creation vs. Evolution Tract

The scientific issue with evolution is that THERE IS NO THEORY OF EVOLUTION: There is no naturalistic explanation for the formation of proteins or DNA. A theory would include specific chemical reactions. Do the math: If the whole universe were filled with amino acids, you couldn’t get one useful protein molecule in 15 billion years. Or DNA. Also, from any kind (like reptiles) to another (like birds) requires the same mathematical impossibilities. There is no theory for the first complete cell. Or from single cells to invertebrates, etc. Evolutionists have NO THEORIES, HYPOTHESES, SPECULATIONS, OR EVEN FANTASIES to address these problems.

THERE IS NO FOSSIL EVIDENCE FOR EVOLUTION: The fossil record shows separate kinds throughout. All of the paleontologists’ “trees of life” show fossils only at the tips of the branches and none at the branch points. Ergo, no evolution. Many creatures, like dinosaurs and dodo birds, are extinct. Extinction is death, not evolution. Reptiles (like dinosaurs) used to be bigger. Plants and insects used to be bigger and enjoyed habitats spread from pole to pole. The evidence shows that life is de-volving, not evolving.

THERE IS NO TIME FOR EVOLUTION: Radioactive dating (plus hundreds of other methods) prove a “young” earth. Carbon 14, for example, has a short half-life, yet is found in coal and diamonds which are supposed to be hundreds of millions to billions of years old. For carbon 14 to be present, the age limit is thousands of years – it’s NOT POSSIBLE for carbon 14 to survive millions of years.

THERE ARE NO OBSERVATIONS OF EVOLUTION: Life comes from life. No exceptions. Humans come from humans, dogs from dogs, bananas from bananas. Variations within a kind have definite limits, proven by many experiments over the last 150 years. The entire variation among humans is just 2 tenths of 1 percent of our DNA. (And “racial” characteristics are only about 1/20 of that.)

Evolution does not even merit the status of “hypothesis,” because it doesn’t fit the facts. Evolutionists cannot even imagine how to overcome the barriers. Therefore we cannot award the category of “science fiction” to evolution’s stories. The most fitting term is “fantasy” — akin to tales of wizards and elves and centaurs.

Evolution is designed to keep you ignorant of your Creator and your Judge, Jesus Christ. Your God-given conscience will tell you that you have sinned. Ever lied, stolen, lusted, hated, blasphemed, or just been selfish? You need forgiveness. Your Creator paid for your crimes with His own blood on the cross, and rose from the dead three days later to prove His credibility. Repent now, trust Him, and follow Him for the rest of your life. For more info, contact Dr. Dave at 815-997-7663 or visit

Note for the reader: I have printed this tract in an attractive 4×6 inch format with an artistic cover for our own use. If you would like to acquire some, I can put you in touch with the ministry that printed them for me. These tracts are particularly useful on a college campus or with atheist / evolutionist friends of yours. Or you can simply click on the PDF below and use it however you like.

Science vs. Fantasy Tract

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