Basic Skill Set for 1-2-1 Street Evangelism

Know the Biblical doctrine of salvation: law / sin / judgment / Gospel / repentance / faith.
 Be able to explain it clearly — practice / practice / practice. If you can only do it badly, then do it badly 1000 times. After that you may achieve mediocrity!
Understand the Bible’s “big picture” — creation / fall / flood / Babel / Israel / prophecy / 1st & 2nd coming / 4 Gospels / Acts — growth of the churches / Epistles — doctrine / Revelation.
Memorize key Scriptures — There is rarely time to do Bible study on the street.
Then keep memorizing — The more Scripture you have in your head the more God can speak through you.
Pray for liberty / safety / boldness / compassion / wisdom / timing.
Establish a goal for the day — so you don’t quit early.
Use good tracts:,, — better to spend more money on a tract that will get read than to save money on tracts that won’t. Put your (first) name and phone number on the back.
Sometimes the tract will preach better than you will. Sometimes it’s best to just let them go without pressing them.
Develop a good approach: eye contact / friendly / direct / good opening lines.
Be fresh EVERY time: This contact may be the only time he hears the Gospel clearly.
Compassion produces passion: Don’t leave any in reserve — It’s ok if they think you’re a zealot.
Every ten seconds counts. The first 10 seconds earns you the next 10 . . . and so on. Be able to communicate sufficient truth in the first minute. But be ready to spend an hour or however long it takes.
2 by 2, of course, whenever possible. Don’t approach children (pre-teens).
Study / Study / Study . . . Learn / Learn / Learn: Learn to love books. Read good authors. Learn about false religions and weak churches. Understand the cults. Learn church history. Study creation vs. evolution. Be insatiable in learning.

– Dr. Dave

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