A Very Short Gospel Presentation – “Cold Turkey” 1-2-1

INTRODUCTION: Hi! How are you doing? Did you get one of these? It’s a comic book with a good story and a Gospel message . . . you know, life / death / Heaven / Hell? Do you ever think about the big issues?

JUDGMENT: Here’s the biggest question of all: If you died today, where would you be? Heaven or Hell? Innocent or guilty?

LAW / SIN: The Bible says an amazing thing: God loves you, even though He knows everything about you. He knows our secret sins, even when we think we’re getting away with it. You’ve heard of the 10 commandments, like “Thou shalt not kill.” Ever murder anyone? Jesus Christ says you have. Jesus said if you call someone a fool, or you’re angry without cause, you’ve committed murder in your heart — in God’s eyes. Murderers will not inherit the kingdom of God. Did you ever get angry? We’re all guilty.

You’ve probably noticed that the world is messed up – it’s in deep trouble. You know whose fault that is? Yours – mine. Times 7 billion people. We’re all rebels.

Jesus said that if you look at a woman with lust, you’ve committed adultery already in your heart. Innocent or guilty? Hundreds of times? Thousands? Pornography is a sin of lust, too. Adulterers are condemned to Hell, along with murderers.

The Bible says that God’s standard of justice is so high that liars will be condemned to Hell. Ever tell a lie? We’re all liars at times. The first step to salvation is to humble yourself and admit you’re guilty!

HELL: Do you know how many sins it takes to go to Hell? That’s right — just one. Why? Because God is holy and just and won’t let sin into Heaven. But you and I have sinned against God thousands of times. Here’s the problem: If we say, “God, give me what I deserve”, God could say, “I know everything you’ve ever done, said, and thought. You’ve broken my laws thousands of times – willfully — and you deserve Hell.” God didn’t create Hell for people. He created it as a prison for Satan and the angels that rebelled against God. But when we sin, we rebel just like Satan. Whenever we sin, we’re telling God we don’t want Him telling us what to do. If we die in our sins, we share the devil’s fate – Hell.

GOSPEL: God did something to keep you out of Hell because He loves you. He must judge sin because He is just. Somebody is going to pay. Do you know what He did? 2000 years ago the Creator of the universe became a man – Jesus Christ. He lived a perfect life, and made people mad by preaching that we must repent — quit our wicked sins. When He went to the cross, He was innocent. He shed His blood for your sins and mine. He suffered Hell on the cross – it was more than physical torture, it was the supernatural wrath of almighty God. He took Hell in our place on that cross so you and I could go free. He died and was buried. 3 days later He rose from the dead. Nobody else ever did that. Only Jesus Christ has the power to overcome death. Want to live forever?

REPENT & BELIEVE: So here is salvation: Admit to God that you’ve sinned against Him and deserve Hell. Humble yourself, agree with God that your sins are wicked. Turn from your sins and your selfishness to God (that’s repentance – turning around), and trust Jesus Christ for salvation. Jesus wants to save you for eternity, and that includes changing the rest of your life — to live righteously. Eternal life isn’t just for after death. It’s for right now – today! Get free from the addictive power of sin. All sin is stupid — alcohol, drugs, lust, greed, anger, selfishness — sin justs hurts you and others. Get smart and get off that road! God will make you a new creature and give you the gift of everlasting life. God loves you and wants you to live with Him forever.

A lot of people would like Jesus to give them a ticket to Heaven and then get back to their wicked party. No, it’s a package deal. Jesus is both Saviour and Lord. That means He gets to call the shots in your life. Get alone with God today – now – confess your sins, repent, and trust Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. God will respond by giving you a new heart and a new spirit. That’s called “born again.” Your life changes. Your music changes from sensual to godly. Your speech changes from cursing people to encouraging them. What you watch and what you read changes. Particularly, you’ll be in the Bible daily to find out how to live! And call me! We’ll get together and talk about what to do next.

WHAT IF YOU GET STUCK OR CONFUSED? A super-short Gospel summary you can use anytime with someone, including as a “bottom-line” summary at the end of your conversation, might go as follows:

Just remember this: You’re a sinner and you need a Saviour. Do something about it!

If you need to expand on the concept of sinner or the concept of who the Saviour is, then you can go back and do so. The concept of sinner gets you back into the law, judgment, and Hell, and the concept of Saviour gets you back into the Gospel, who Jesus is, and the new birth.

Surely, any Christian can witness using a 2-point outline . . . You’re a sinner and you need a Saviour!

– Dr. Dave

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