FREE SEMINAR OFFER: If you would like to host me (Dr. Dave) for a free seminar on the subject of creation / evolution, email me at I’m happy to do seminars for either Christians or skeptics, whether you are in-sync or out-of-sync with Biblical creation. Although I haven’t yet met a group of skeptics who have the guts to invite a creationist with a Ph.D. in the hard sciences to challenge their evolutionary faith.

If you are in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, area, it won’t cost you a penny. If farther away, I’ll likely need reimbursement on travel expenses. My typical format for a simple seminar will be an hour-long presentation, followed by Q&A for as long as you like. Please try to come up with some good questions. I haven’t heard any good ones for years! If you want to host a multi-hour or multi-day seminar in order to cover a wide range of topics, that would be even more fun! This would include some actual training(!) and some practical experience in engaging 1-2-1 on a local campus . . . sharing the Gospel, equipped with answers for questions from skeptics.

There are 12 articles attached to this section of the web site plus several “Educational Notes”. You do not have to read them in order . . . skip around as you like. These articles serve as the outline for Book #3 in the free e-book store, which you can download as a free pdf. The book expands on the outline and provides many additional arguments and examples, especially from recent literature.

If you are an evolutionist . . . namely not a Christian . . . then start right in with the first article listed in this section of the site: Introduction — Accept it or reject it. Only wimps compromise. I guarantee that if you have an open mind, you will realize that you have been lied to for years, and that it’s time to do something about it!

Scientific theories involve quantitative modeling, experimental data, and repeated validation by prediction and observation. In any aspect of the philosophy / fantasy of evolution, there is no theory. There is no theory for formation of the first protein, first DNA, first cellular substructures, first cell, multi-celled creatures, transitions between kinds, etc. Just stories. There are no genetic data, not a single observed case of mutations and natural selection producing new, complex tissues, organs, or creatures. Evolution is also not a hypothesis, which is a reasonable explanation of observed facts, consistent with known physical laws, employing experimental data and analysis. A hypothesis has been tested at least to some degree to see whether it holds up under relevant conditions. A theory arises when a hypothesis has stood up to repeated tests under a wide variety of conditions and cannot be broken. Evolution warrants neither term. Evolution qualifies merely as a philosophical, even a religious idea, void of scientific support, and is intended to replace Biblical truth with stories.

The articles in this section of the web site will back up these statements.

(The comments below are for Christian readers of this course.)

The articles in this section are from the notes used by Dr. Dave in teaching a college-age group. If you don’t think this issue is vital, please reconsider. Christians have too little instruction in this area and so are easily intimidated by the pseudo-intellectuals in academia and the media who preach evolutionism. There is no reason to be faint-hearted in the defense of the Biblical creation record! All the data and logic are on our side!

Also, if you do any personal evangelism on college campuses, you had better be equipped in this area. Not just to avoid embarrassment – but rather so you can be a help to the lost sinner who has a real stumbling block due to evolutionary propaganda. If you can dent his foundation a bit, he may just be willing to open his ears to the truth of the Gospel. If the Christian insists on remaining uneducated on the issues that prevent consideration of the Gospel, he will be a poor servant.

Please also read How to Witness to an Atheist in the Evangelism section of this site.

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