Salvation Message – You Must Read This

— Your Life Depends on it!

– by Bonnie

Most people don’t like to think about death but it happens to every one of us.  We must prepare for it ahead of time.  That preparation determines your eternal life.  I am a Christian.  I take my faith very seriously — so seriously in fact that I hope you will read what I have to say because I don’t want anyone’s blood on my hands because I was too weak to warn them.

God made this planet and the people on it.  When he created Adam and Eve they were perfect but then they sinned and messed everything up.  We all sin because we want to. We want to run our own lives in rebellion to God.  Self is most important to us. The penalty for that first sin was physical death which we will all experience.  Where your soul goes is up to you.

Ask yourself these questions as I ask them of myself.  Have you ever told a lie?  Even one tiny one?  Of course we have and that makes us liars.  Have you ever stolen anything, even something little or time from your employer that should have been his?  Yes we have and that makes us thieves.  Here’s the one that really gets us.  People say to me all the time that they are a good person and therefore they will go to heaven.  Have you ever murdered anyone?  Of course we haven’t but Jesus said that if you have hatred in your heart for someone without just cause it is as if you have murdered them.  So here we are:  lying, thieving, murderers.  I admit I am a terrible sinner when my life is put up next to the standard of the ten commandments.

When we stand before Jesus on Judgment Day we will have to plead guilty since this is the standard of perfection that God requires.  If I committed a crime and was justly sentenced for it, I could try pleading with the judge.  He could excuse me and not make me pay for it but what kind of justice would that be? How would you feel if someone killed your brother and got away with it, no punishment at all? God is righteous and just and cannot excuse our rebellion.  On the other hand, if someone came in and said, “Wait, Judge, I’ll pay the fine, I’ll take the punishment instead” the judge could accept that and commute the sentence  if he was inclined to be merciful. That is what Jesus can do for us but we have to repent from our sinful lifestyle.  That means to make a complete turnabout and let Him have control of our life.  We must see ourselves as God sees us and agree that because of sin we are deserving of hell.  By the way, hell was created for the Devil and his rebellious angels, not for us.  However, when we reject God in rebellion we will share in the same punishment as the Devil.  Jesus took our punishment on himself when He died on the cross.  He is the only one worthy to do so because he lived on this earth without sin.  He gave his life (blood) to pay for our sins.

Today,  many are teaching some kind of prosperity gospel.  They say come to Christ because he can make your life meaningful and good.  He can make you healthy.   He can make you prosperous.  That is not the point.  We come to Christ because He is the only one that can help us escape God’s judgment.  Judgment is coming because the Bible says it is.  People these days like to make God in their own image the way they want Him to be.  The Bible tells us each one will stand before the Lord and give account of his life.  Most think that if their good works are more than their bad they will be okay.  The Bible says if you break one little part of the law you are guilty of breaking all of it.  None of us can live up to that standard.  Even when we become believers, we still sin and will until we get to heaven.

When people come to Christ because they think He will make their life wonderful and trouble free they will not stick with Him.  As soon as troubles come and heartache hits they give up.  They did not come to Him for the right reason.  He never promised  freedom from trials.  That person will fall away from Christ, give up on Him and experience no victory in life .

One who comes to Christ and becomes a follower will suffer tribulation and perhaps persecution.  Others may laugh at him or call him names. He/she will experience sickness, loneliness, depression, problems.  But because he is grateful for escape from judgment and knows Jesus will help, he can endure.  He can even be thankful to have experienced trials.  Jesus will be there to help and give comfort, peace, and assurance that everything is working out for good.

You must do something with Jesus.  (To not decide for Him is to make a decision.) There are only two things to do: repent (change direction on the road you are traveling and let Him guide your life instead of you, forsaking your sin and/or sinful lifestyle.  This may include adulterous lifestyles, or pornography, or drinking, or rebelliousness or disobedience etc.)and believe. Get alone with God and talk to Him about the sins in your life.  There should be genuine sorrow on your part and humility as you begin to see yourself as God does.  If you don’t have faith to turn to Him ask Him to help you, He wants you to come to Him. Step out in faith and decide that you will take Him at His word.  Then believe in Him, put your faith in Him,  and have eternal life in heaven.  Reject Him and you will have to suffer an eternity of punishment because God is righteous and punishes evil doing. (There is no such place as purgatory in the Bible).

This repentance and belief is so big that it changes your whole life.  Demons believe in God and tremble over it but they do not belong to Him or reconcile with Him.  God will have to do His work in you to accomplish that and make you a new creation as Scripture says.  If  you make a deal and then go back to your old lifestyle, He didn’t regenerate you and you are not born again.

If you are not sure how to talk to God about this, read Psalm 51.  Here David speaks in all humility to the Lord just as we should.  The stakes are high. It is your eternal soul that lies in the balance.  A human soul is so valuable that we cannot put a price on it. You need to be ready now to face God’s wrath and judgment.  Such a decision cannot be made after your physical body is dead.

I urge  you  to do business with the Lord  now.  If you want to find the truth, He will show it to you.  Start by confessing to God all of the sins you have committed and ask His forgiveness.  If you really mean business and want to change your ways, He will hear you and help you.

Start reading your Bible.  Read John, Matthew, and Romans.  Read Romans 8:38-39 to see how secure your future is in Christ. You should see some changes in your desires and how you want to live.  If you don’t you may need to do more business with God.  My prayer is for you to become a Christian today.  Please take care of it now!

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