How Do I Know the Bible is True?

The stakes are infinite, aren‘t they? Life is short and fragile – it’s guaranteed that you don’t get off this planet alive. If there is any possibility that there is life after death, and furthermore, that such life involves only two destinies – heaven or hell – isn’t it worth doing some research??!!?

In this short treatment of the subject, I’ll make a case that THE TRUTH is found in the Bible based on four lines of reasoning:

1. Logic
2. History
3. Science
4. Experience

I encourage you to examine these areas yourself. If you are a true Christian, you should know why and be ready to explain it. If you are not a Christian, I assure you that you are basing your life and eternal destiny on a worldview void of evidence.

1. The Bible is true because logic demands it.

(In this section, I’ll presume upon you that there is a Creator God. If this is a problem for you, see section 3 of this article and my Short Course in Creation / Evolution.)

Everything about your life screams, “Purpose!” The very design of the earth and its relation to a stable sun, the ocean / land / weather systems, seasons for agriculture, the beauty of a sunset, the warmth of a kitten, an eagle in flight, the activity of an ant colony, the taste of strawberries, the handy design of a banana . . . you shouldn’t take such things for granted. Did you ever think about the abundance of trees providing wood for construction, without which civilization couldn’t exist?

We see startling differences in the lives of plants and animals on the one hand, and humans on the other. For human beings, life is far more than food acquisition and reproduction. You strive to fit in with your family and community. You spend many years of your life in school to learn / learn / learn – much of which has nothing to do with earning a living. You spend enormous effort to find love and fulfillment, not just a mate. You want a career, not just a job. You want to lavish love on your children and grandchildren. You want respect and even admiration. You have a strong moral compass. Some things are right. Some things are wrong. You see evil in the world and your heart cries out for justice. You feel guilt when you do things that violate your own conscience. You take pleasure when good deeds are rewarded. You lament that evil deeds often go unpunished. You love and spend money on things of beauty. You despise and discard ugly or broken objects.

Above all, you can think – construct reasonable, logical arguments. You live as if you are more than a collection of molecules in motion. You can discern between sensible and stupid ideas. There is a you that is more than just brain chemistry.

The Bible claims that we are made in the image of God. Qualities of our own lives that are characteristic of God include love, justice, logic, beauty, morality (righteousness), pleasure, sadness, determination, thoughtfulness, and purpose. These qualities are not properties of matter; yet they are real to us. Would a creative God care about His creation and His thinking creatures? Do we not care about our children, our houses, our furniture, our poetry, our paintings, and everything that we put our energy, time, and creativity into?

God, as revealed in the Bible, is just and holy. Do we not respect most greatly those among us that have the highest integrity and spend their lives on good and constructive activities? What man respects most and to what he most aspires, are characteristics found perfectly only in the Biblical God. The god of the Muslims or the Hindus or the Calvinists or the Roman Catholics is often capricious and arbitrary. Such false gods choose who will be saved based on unknowable criteria. Assurance is impossible.

The Bible lays out repetitively and in detail what is required to please God and how to attain eternal life. Would not God do just that? Even human parents make clear to their children what is expected of them. The Biblical God makes clear what you must do to be adopted into His family – no mystery, no excuses, all perfectly reasonable.

All of the false religions of the world – namely, anything outside of Biblical Christianity – offer some hope for salvation based on some types of good works. Logically, what ratio of good to evil deeds would earn life forever in the presence of a perfect, holy God for eternity? Biblically, one sin is enough to merit separation from God. When I ask non-Christians how many sins it takes to deserve hell, most get it right the first time – just one. We all have a God-given sense of justice, whereby we know that murderers should be punished, along with rapists, child-molesters, and violent thieves. But how about your sins? Consider the teachings of Jesus Christ. Anger is judged as murder in the heart. Lust is judged as adultery. What you think is what you are. Liars will be cast into hell along with Satan and the angels (now demons) who rebelled against God. Did you ever tell one lie? Ten lies? Thousands?

Is not every one of your sins an act of rebellion against God? Can you even remember a fraction of the tens of thousands of willful sins in your life? Do you have any possible escape from judgment?

Logically, only the Bible offers you rescue. God is perfectly just and so must find you guilty and punish your sins. Yet God is love and so offers you a way out. Justice and love met at the cross.

The perfect Son of God (God incarnate in the flesh) offered Himself as the unblemished sacrificial lamb (foreshadowed throughout the Old Testament) to satisfy justice in your place. Three days later He rose from the dead – the most historically verified event in ancient history. (See my article Honest Skeptic or Stubborn Scoffer – Analysis of the Resurrection.) Do you want the technology to live forever? Only Jesus Christ has the license for that technology.

God offers you salvation, eternal life, as a gift. Don’t you have a strong will to live? Like everyone else, you abhor the thought of dying, yet such thoughts come often. God gave you a will to live – forever. Living forever in God’s presence – on a reborn earth (2 Peter 3, Revelation 21, 22) – is only possible if you have been forgiven. Don’t you want forgiveness? If you don’t, you must be crazy – illogical. Repent from your sins and trust the Saviour. You can have eternal life right now, as a present possession, and spend the rest of your life in logical, constructive activities in obedience to the word of God – the Bible.

Then your desire for a loving family will be multiplied and fulfilled – many times in this life because you become brother or sister to many other believers, and for eternity in the ages to come, when you become joint-heir with Christ of everything that God owns. Logically, that’s a good deal.

Your desire to love and be loved is multiplied in this life and in the ages to come in fellowship with the saints of God – all those who have repented from their stupid sins and trusted in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Your desire to spend time with wife / husband / children / grandchildren will be fulfilled in the ages to come when there will be no more sorrow, sickness, or death.

Your desire to acquire knowledge, appreciate beauty, and learn amazing things will be fulfilled for eternity. This universe is big and God is infinitely brilliant and creative. God has made a lot of “stuff.” If you like stuff, there will be a lot of it to work with, if you repent now from making stuff your god and seek the true God, who owns all the stuff.

Your desire to have a clean conscience and avoid the morally ugly, the vicious, the cruel, the selfish, the wasteful, will be fulfilled because God will clean up your mind perfectly when He gives you a new body, along with everyone else who is part of the family. You won’t have to associate with the determinedly wicked and ungodly. They will be cast into a prison called the “lake of fire,” off in some corner of the universe, never to bother anyone again.

Logically, do you really have any reason to hesitate? Repentance is changing your mind from insanity and stupidity to that which is right, sensible, and beautiful. You can repent now, before even reading the rest of this article.

2. I know the Bible is true because of overwhelming historical evidence.

I write this section with great trepidation because of the injustice I do to libraries worth of information on the subject. My hope is to whet your appetite a bit. If you’re a Christian already, you have an obligation to grow in the knowledge of history and prophecy so that you can be a more useful servant. If you’re not a Christian, then you are missing out on the keys to understanding human history – past, present, and future – and your place in it.

The Bible is a collection of 66 books inspired by God, written down over a period of about 4,000 years by about 50 different human authors. Its perfect consistency on such subjects as the nature and character of God and man, God’s laws for human behavior, requirements for salvation, and the fate of the nations is miraculous. There is nothing comparable among human “religious” writings. The Koran, for example, both plagiarizes and distorts portions of the Bible, was written down by one man, has numerous internal inconsistencies, and clearly demonstrates its non-divine origin by the actions of its sword-wielding followers over the last 14 centuries.

The book of Genesis contains the eye-witness account of creation. We see the creation of separate kinds of creatures. According to the Bible, the following are entirely unrelated to each other: man, chimps, bananas, petunias, lizards, turtles, and dust mites. According to evolutionary fantasies, we all share a common grandpa. The flood of Noah’s time produced such destruction that you would expect to find billions of dead things (fossils), buried in rock layers, laid down by water, all over the earth. What you find is exactly that – fossils representing the extinction of separate kinds of creatures buried in sedimentary layers up to miles thick. The extinct creatures clearly group into separate kinds, quite opposed to a Darwinian fantasy in which creatures morph gradually into other types over time. Thus Biblical earth history is validated. (But more on this in the next section.)

Bill Cooper’s book “After the Flood” compiles genealogical records of nations all over the world. Kings took much care in preserving genealogies, in order to establish their right to rule. Cooper shows that nations and kings from Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, Africa, China, and the Middle East trace their lineage back to the 3 sons of Noah. Cooper (and many others) also describe historical accounts of man living with and battling with dinosaurs, namely the descendants of creatures that survived the flood on the ark. Consider ancient Chinese drawings and “legends” of dragons, ancient European and Native American (both North and South American) drawings of dinosaurs, Native North American accounts of flying reptiles (pteranodons), and the accounts of heroes battling dragons.

The Bible is unique among the writings of man in its detailed and fulfilled prophecies. Over 300 specific OT prophecies relate to the first coming of Jesus Christ including the place of His birth (Bethlehem), the miraculous nature of His birth (of a virgin), his manner of death (crucifixion prophesied before its invention), his lineage (from Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah, on down through the descendants of David), that He would have the legal right to rule, and that He would have the very nature, power, and character of God in the flesh. Also, the prophet Daniel was given the insight precisely when, to the day, that the Messiah would present Himself to His people. (See Linton below for details.) The prophecy specified that 69 weeks (sevens) of prophetic years (360 days each) would pass between a Persian king’s decree to rebuild the Jewish temple and the presentation of the Messiah. The decree was proclaimed by Artaxerxes in 445 B.C., long after Daniel’s death. Counting the prescribed 173,880 days leads us to the day in history that Jesus Christ entered the gates of Jerusalem, loudly cheered by the Jews from all over the world (in town for the annual high feast of the Passover). Several days later, He was rejected and crucified, as detailed by King David as Psalmist 1000 years before, and by another prophet, Isaiah, 700 years before.

The perfection of Christ, and death as a perfect sacrificial lamb, was typified by the original Passover in Exodus Chapter 12, as the Jews prepared to leave Egypt. The annual date for each Passover was established by God. Jesus’ death occurred on just the right day in history. The location of Jesus’ crucifixion on Mount Moriah, was shown prophetically in the offering of Isaac by Abraham in Genesis 22 – also on Mount Moriah. The giving of God’s laws to Moses on Mount Sinai was celebrated in the feast of Pentecost for 1500 years. On the day of Pentecost after Jesus’ resurrection (Acts 2), the Holy Spirit visited the disciples in an awesome display of power, proclaiming the transition from the Old Covenant to the New Covenant. Study up — the parallels are incredible, yet not editorialized by the Biblical writers – it’s up to you to see the supernatural character of these historical records.

Other amazing prophecies include Ezekiel’s prediction (Ch. 26) of the destruction of the fortress city of Tyre, fulfilled over the next 250 years in painstaking detail by Nebuchadnezzar and Alexander the Great. Other prophecies fulfilled in ancient history include the destruction of the cities of Samaria, Gaza, Ashkelon, and Jericho. Perhaps the most dramatic “political” prophecies are associated with the Jewish people, nation, and the “city of God” – Jerusalem. Over 2500 years ago, the prophet Zechariah foretold that Jerusalem would become a “cup of trembling” and a “burdensome stone” for the world and that all the nations would come against it.

Several prophets foretold that the Jews would be scattered around the world for their rejection of God’s laws and His Messiah, but that they would be regathered to their land in the last days. What tribal people in history has suffered such consistent dispersion and persecution and has yet remained intact – and reacquired their nation’s land? Furthermore, their return would be in unbelief before their eventual repentance and faith in Christ. (Don’t wait for the Jews to turn to Christ as a nation. That will be late in the tribulation.) Consider the events of the last 100 years in this context, especially since 1948. We’re getting close to the Lord’s return. You don’t want to be on the “other team” when He comes back to clean up this mess and take charge.

The prophets, apostles, and the Lord Himself predicted that the followers of Christ would suffer persecution in every age. This continues today all over the world. Many Biblical writers foretold of a false version of Christianity that would fool multitudes. Roman Catholicism and many pseudo-Christian cults fulfill this. Hebrews Chapter 11 describes some heroes of the faith, and their determined and devoted behavior in the face of persecution. What we see in that chapter of the Bible is typical of the millions of martyrs over the last 2,000 years. I recommend Cloud’s book below for a synopsis of Christian history and the development of Roman Catholic apostasy, the centuries-long inquisitions, the events of the so-called Reformation, the propagation of true and independent Bible-believing churches, and the birth of modern foreign missions. I also heartily recommend some missionary biographies so you can thrill in more recent demonstrations of the ancient truths and heroes of the Christian faith.

The imminence of the return of Jesus Christ is shown by Biblical prophecies such as: Arab nations plus Russia collaborating to attack Israel, an increasing rate of natural disasters and wars, the onset of global government, worldwide communications and explosion of knowledge, religions coming together in an ecumenical movement, the rise of evolutionary philosophies, hatred for the Jewish people . . . there are many others.

History only makes sense in light of the historical record that God has provided in the Bible.

3. The Bible is true scientifically.

Only the Biblical account of creation explains what we observe – from subatomic particles to planets to life to the distribution of stars and galaxies. Evolutionary ideas about star formation are refuted from basic physics. The collapse of a large gas cloud of hydrogen and helium requires very stringent conditions on the temperature of the gas (low) and its density (high). Simple physics demonstrates that gas clouds expand in vacuum – they don’t collapse into stars and rocky planets. The postulated conditions associated with a “big bang” don’t connect. The formation of individual stars would be extremely rare under any naturalistic view of the origin of the universe. Yet we see up to hundreds of billions of stars in each of trillions of galaxies.

The existence of elements in the periodic table above helium is alleged to be the result of sequential generations of supernovas and new star formation. There should be evidence of many large clouds from such supernovas within the Milky Way, considering the evolutionary age of this galaxy – oops, the numbers are consistent with an age of only thousands of years. The Hubble telescope was deployed in part to find the “oldest stars” – containing just hydrogen and helium – in the “oldest galaxies” billions of light years away. But spectroscopic data indicate that the most distant galaxies have the same types of “young stars” that we see nearby.

The orbits of stars around galactic centers of mass are wonderfully ordered. But a barred-spiral galaxy could not possibly be stable in shape over billions of years. Yet they abound. Stars in many star clusters and galaxies in certain galactic clusters don’t show the velocities required to hang together over the alleged age of the universe. Yet they are there. The universe is expanding at an accelerating rate, consistent with the seventeen proclamations by God in the Old Testament that He is stretching out the heavens. This mystery has a name, “dark energy,” that shows the utter cluelessness of big bang cosmologists.

If you insist on a naturalistic view, consider this: The very existence of all the matter and energy in the universe violates the most powerful law of science – the first law of thermodynamics: conservation of matter / energy. The incredibly ordered structures of galaxies, solar systems, planets, ecologies, living creatures, and the human brain violate the next most powerful law of science – the second law of thermodynamics: entropy (disorder) continually increases in either closed systems or open systems that don’t have well-designed machines to convert energy and materials into functional systems.

The location of our solar system within our galaxy is wonderfully special. Much closer to the center and harmful radiation would threaten us. Also, too close to the center or too close to the galactic plane and we would be surrounded by obscuring interstellar gases. This would destroy much of the science of astronomy. Too far out and the sky would be depressingly dark, and it would be much harder to understand the dynamics of our own galaxy.

Within our own solar system, the earth is in a nicely circular orbit comfortably within a narrow “habitable zone.” Note how much we depend on liquid water and our thin, but “just right” atmosphere. The earthly climate is simply not possible much closer to or much farther from the sun. The earth’s magnetic field protects us from harmful radiation, our moon produces rich ecological tidal zones, and the moon’s size produces perfect solar eclipses – which has provoked a multitude of scientific discoveries and validations; for example, in the fields of atomic spectroscopy and general relativity.

Life is only possible because of the design of carbon atoms, which depend on the perfect design of protons, neutrons, and electrons – and whatever may comprise them. (Quarks are still model constructs – they haven’t been “seen” yet.) The atmospheric ratio of oxygen to nitrogen is well-designed. Too low and respiration is limited, thus limiting the types of lifeforms possible on the earth. Too high and spontaneous fires break out and destroy everything. It’s fascinating that all of modern civilization depends on our ability to control fire. The relevant gases, the chemistry of combustion, the existence of wood, and the physical size of humans are all designed to make fire a tool, and not just a threat. Note that intelligent ants would be too small to control fire. But fires have to be big enough to generate heat on scales appropriate for comfort and industry. People are just the right size.

If you want to increase your awe at the brilliance of our Creator God, just read a book on cell biology, ignoring whatever silly panderings to evolution may crop up in the preface. The nanotechnology of the cell goes far beyond human technology. See my Short Course in Creation / Evolution on this site for a short discussion.

Regarding life’s “Biblical kinds”: The advent of molecular biology with the technology to sequence DNA gave evolutionists hope that the Darwinian tree of life could be derived from similarities. Denton, in the second book of his cited below, does a wonderful job showing the impossibility of constructing an evolutionary tree at the molecular level. Note: to have a “scientific theory of evolution” it must be constructed and proven at the molecular level – life is intrinsically a system of nanomachines. (It’s simply not good enough to compare bone shapes – even though the fossil record provides no joy for evolutionists either!) For example, from an evolutionary point of view, you would expect to trace gradual DNA changes from fish to amphibians to reptiles to mammals. What invariably occurs, however, is that such creatures are equally well-separated in their DNA sequences, with no hint of evolutionary descent. One example Denton cites is the percent differences in the protein cyclostome C between carp (fish) and the following animals: bullfrog, turtle, chicken, rabbit, and horse. The percent differences all turn out to be about the same. Clearly, this was a shock to those who thought that the amphibian frog is a much closer relative to fish than a rabbit would be.

The Biblical account of the flood of Noah’s time has generated creationist scientific models that consistently explain the observable data. Uniformitarian geology is left with a multitude of mysteries. The nature of fossilization makes it clear that under normal conditions it rarely happens. But there are enormous fossil graveyards, with billions of specimens, covering hundreds of square miles. Some of the sedimentary layers that contain similar fossils can be traced across and even between continents. These observables are only consistent with a worldwide flood catastrophe. Snelling (below) details the observable facts of geology and does comparisons of creationist and evolutionary models.

Deposition layers that were supposed to have been laid down over millions of years have been found with tree trunks standing vertically within them. Clearly, such “polystrate trees” were buried suddenly. Worldwide, there are many examples of “unconformities,” where one sedimentary layer is topped by another very smoothly, but with allegedly millions of years separating the times of deposition. In real life, a smooth, broad plain will suffer much erosion over the course of even a few decades, not to mention millions of years. Clearly, many such unconformities can be explained only if very little time elapsed between deposition of the layers. Even the existence of such smooth boundaries covering tens of thousands of square miles can be explained only by sheet flow of global proportions.

I know that I can only touch the surface in this article to proclaim that all of creation cries out that God must get the glory for what we see. People spend lifetimes in the study of particular sub-branches of astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, and geology. Wherever you look in the study of science you will see purpose and design. Where we see disease and death we also find the only rational explanation in the Bible. When man chose rebellion, man chose to separate himself from God. God cursed this world, allowing decay and death, but promises ultimate restoration and resurrection for His creation and those of us who repent and believe. If you insist that all of creation arose from some unexplainable big bang, and all of the design since is simply the result of random physical processes, then you truly have a blind faith – in opposition to rational science — with no purpose and no hope. Worse, you will be proven wrong and admit it when you kneel before your Lord, but it will be too late. Wake up! Think! If you have some intellectual stumbling blocks, investigate! Contact me and we’ll correspond.

4. The Bible is true because I know it experientially.

Becoming a Christian, according to the Bible, is as straightforward as drinking water (John chapters 4 & 7), eating bread (John 6), or walking through a door (John 10). The transformation that takes place is like being born again (John 3), passing from death to life (John 5), acquiring life everlasting in this present world (John 3 & 10), becoming an entirely new creature (2 Cor 5), being cured from blindness unto perfect sight (John 9), and experiencing a peace that passes human understanding (Phil 4). I could go on for quite a while, because the Bible is quite clear that there are only two types of people: saved and lost. The lost are wrapped up in this world and its trivial concerns, whereas the saved have an inheritance that is assured, and live in gratitude to the Saviour who purchased it for them.

I was raised to be “religious” — which typically means some system of manmade beliefs and ritual behaviors with the purpose of earning salvation. My Roman Catholicism had quite a list of do’s and don’ts, just like all other human religions, including Islam, Hinduism, the JW Kingdom Hall, Mormonism, Christian Science, Bahaism, and Buddhism.

Ironically, the pseudo-intellectual scam of false science – evolution – coupled with a weak understanding of history foisted on me by the RC Church (see my article on The 10 Most Deadly Heresies, section #10) led me to a life of atheistic beliefs and behavior as a young man. I recall that as an atheist, I told a religious classmate that I considered it impossible that anyone could ever convince me that God existed. I was right, of course, because my heart was hard. I was determined to live life by my own rules, making myself god.

Patient Christians befriended me and gave me much to think about in discussion and reading materials. I wised up enough about pseudo-science and revisionist history to open myself up to TRUTH. I highly recommend the Gospel of John, which was written specifically to reveal the truth of the Gospel: that Jesus Christ, God incarnate, suffered the wrath of God on the cross in payment for my specific wicked and vile sins, that He rose from the dead offering me eternal life, and that my part is to humble myself, repent, and follow Him for the rest of this life and for eternity. The words of Jesus Christ are designed to connect with the God-fashioned spirit of man so that we can recognize truth when it hits us in the ears. You’ll see that principle again and again in the book of John, if you read it with an open heart.

When I realized that the Bible is true, I knew that I would be insane to continue on my own self-destructive path. How about you? Sane or willfully insane?

What I discovered experientially is that God is real and that Jesus Christ is my Saviour. From the time of my conversion, the Lord began a wonderfully patient work on me, transforming my attitudes, my speech, my purposes in life, my music, my care for others with less for myself, and an ever increasing desire to know God and to please Him. I wouldn’t go back to my self-absorbed life if I could. Furthermore, it’s impossible to go back. Once you’re in God’s family, born again with an everlasting life that starts right now, you can’t get kicked out of the family. And God won’t let you go. Scripture teaches that when a child of God starts to rebel, God will convict his conscience and even bring chastisement as necessary. But you can’t escape the family. That’s good. If you could sin your way out of salvation, then none of us would last through a fraction of a day. Yet the true Christian shows a transformed life, because he has changed roads and directions completely.

That’s the trouble with most of American Christendom. There is much profession and little action. Namely, there are many false converts who will wake up in hell. Salvation brings a change of worldview. Everything that’s important in this world makes sense under a Biblical worldview. In any other system, whether atheistic or pantheistic evolution, Marxism, false religions, or secular humanism, mysteries abound and inconsistencies reign.

For example, the following areas often evoke a sense of confusion or mystery in the non-Christian, but make perfect sense to the Bible believer:

a. The origin, purpose, and destiny of human life – for all of humanity and for each one of us.

b. Why mathematics and science even work, in all ages and in all times.

c. Conscience and morality – where do they come from? Why are there so many universal constants of right and wrong? Why such a distinction between right and wrong in the human heart?

d. The existence of consciousness – if it’s just brain chemistry, then why should anyone listen to anyone else? I may as well listen to a rock as to someone who admits that the next argument he makes is just the result of chemical reactions in his brain.

e. Pervasive occult and psychic phenomena throughout human history, and with common elements in thousands of well-separated human cultures – physics and secular history cannot explain it, but rather the existence of demonic spirits.

f. UFOs – see part “e” above.

g. Why “liberals” are more interested in saving whales or seals or “mother earth” than unborn babies.

h. Why feminists despise the Christian model for the family, but don’t lift a finger to relieve the slavery of the half-billion women in Muslim countries.

i. Why the Biblical instruction on marriage and child-raising works, producing stable societies with minimal crime.

j. Why individual liberty brings prosperity and why “liberal” / socialist / Marxist / Keynesian schemes bring poverty. Note that most non-Christian worldviews are complicit with despotism and true Christians despise despotic government practices.

k. Why true Christians are so consistently persecuted, even though they insist on religious liberty for everyone else. (Recall that Roman Catholicism’s inquisitions are perfectly consistent with its extremely anti-Biblical worldview. If that is a new thought to you, see my “Top 10 Heresies” article.)

l. Why there are so many anti-Christian religions and why they are all so similar philosophically – namely, they are works-based and driven by self-righteousness.

m. Why the Arab-Israeli conflict is so persistent.

n. Why there are such powerful and universal human aspirations in concepts such as justice, selflessness, beauty, and love.

o. Why the world is so messed up and irrationality, corruption, and evil are so widespread, especially among the most “educated” of the human race.

p. Why death is so feared and man has such a strong desire to live – forever.

I could go on for a long time, but you should get the idea that whatever worldview is TRUE should explain everything that’s important under the sun. What do you believe? Does it really make sense? Does it satisfy your longings for purpose and give you peace from day to day? Will you be content to die with your beliefs intact? Where will you be the moment after you die?

Do something about it!

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