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I originally published the first four books below in print form in 2011. Now they are free in bit form! I hope that you will find something useful in them and then consider passing the links on to others — both believers and skeptics — who might benefit. NOTE: There is a fair amount of overlap between each book and some of the essays on the site. Nevertheless, each book has considerable material not found elsewhere on the site and, of course, on each major topic the site’s essays cover far more ground than the corresponding book.

Book #1: How Should a Man Live? Christian Manhood in America Today

Schooling – How can you excel at college even if you’re not a genius? What types of colleges should you absolutely avoid? How can you educate your own children in the midst of a godless, self-obsessed culture?

Career – How do you pick the career that will satisfy and make a contribution? What principles insure that you will be successful?

Women – How do you find the right wife? How do you court her? How can you be a great husband and help your mate to be a great wife?

Money – Once you start making it, how do you spend it, save it, invest it, and give it away so you can sleep peacefully at night?

People – How can you make a difference in people’s lives? What is vitally important so that you should prioritize this activity above all else? Just how can you show love and be in a position where people love you?

This book answers these questions from a Biblical perspective. A real and mature Christian man stands up and stands out in modern America, doing the right thing based on principle, regardless of consequences. It’s not easy, but it’s not complicated, either. This book will give you blunt, but heartfelt and very practical answers on the issues of a man’s life.

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Book #2: Evangelism 1-2-1 . . . How To Do It Biblically, Boldly, And Compassionately

Is personal evangelism a gift belonging to just a select group of Christians? How does the Great Commission fit into the life of the church today?

How can you share the Gospel with loved ones? Can you do it without offending them and endangering your relationships?

What does the Bible say about how to preach the Gospel? How did Jesus explain salvation? How did Peter and Paul get their message out? Is the message really different between the Old and New Testaments? What elements are really essential to get across in an evangelistic encounter?

How can you approach strangers with the Gospel? Is there still a place for “confrontational evangelism” in America? What about open-air preaching? Are Gospel tracts old-fashioned? How can I find good tracts?

How should you witness to atheists? Roman Catholics? Jehovah’s Witnesses?

This book discusses these issues from a rigorous Biblical foundation. You will learn practical techniques for getting a hearing, explaining the Gospel graciously and Biblically, and avoiding pitfalls that produce still-born, false converts who think they are Christians, but have never been born again.

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Book #3: Creation vs. Evolution? No Contest!

The battle continues to rage over 150 years after Darwin published. Does this issue really matter? In fact, your view of origins determines who you are, where you came from, where you are going, and what life is all about.

To the atheist / evolutionist: This book is for you if you have an honest desire to examine your foundations and search out the truth. You will also be educated on the latest arguments from creationists.

To the Christian / creationist: This book will strengthen your foundations, providing you with facts and tools to help you reach out to those who are still being conned by the great scam of evolution. You will see how a wide range of scientific discoveries wonderfully supports a Biblical worldview.

To the Christian who still believes that the Bible is compatible with evolution: This book will settle the matter for you once and for all, and equip you to leave a hopelessly compromised position.

This book examines the controversy by weighing the arguments in each of the following areas: the origin of life, the complexity of the cell, mutations & natural selection, the fossil record, irreducible complexity, astronomy & cosmology, the philosophy of science, the “best” arguments of the top evolutionists, and what difference all of this can make in your life.

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Book #4: One Heartbeat from Hell . . . Plus 11 Other Compelling Reasons to Become a Christian

What do you believe? Are you an atheist, believing in goo-to-you evolution? Do you think of yourself as a Christian, perhaps with a label like Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, or Mormon? Are you a Muslim or Hindu or New Ager? Does your worldview really make a life or death difference?

Do you believe in Justice? Think of the most vile criminals in human history. Should God give them justice? How about you? What would it mean if God gives you justice?

Is there a Heaven? If so, who qualifies? The moment you die, will you be transported to Heaven or somewhere else? Why should Heaven even exist?

Is there a Hell? Is Hell even reasonable? Just how bad do you have to be to become a citizen of Hell?

Did you know that the Bible is extremely clear about the qualifications for residence in Heaven and Hell?

Have you done any research to prepare yourself to meet God? Or are you just taking your chances, hoping that you’re no worse than the next fellow? Could you actually explain . . . right now . . . what the Bible says about salvation, if your life depended on it?

This book examines the most important aspect of Biblical Christianity . . . What must you do to be saved? This book explains why so many “Christians” will be shocked to wake up in Hell. You will be challenged to examine your own beliefs using explicit criteria and careful reasoning.

The author’s purpose is for this book to be used as a book-length tract to help unbelievers who are interested and open-minded enough to “go deeper” than engaging in just a short conversation or reading just a short tract.

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Book #5. How to Beat Better Tennis Players — Most of the Time!

This book has essentially nothing to do with the rest of this site! Although I know that there are many metaphors about playing tennis that relate to the practice of the Christian life. I wrote this book quite a few years ago and then tweaked it a bit in 2011. I offer it here as a free e-book for anyone who is a serious amateur tennis player. Or perhaps you know someone who is. I certainly enjoyed writing it. If you’re a player, I hope you enjoy it. I guarantee that you’ll find my take on strategy and competition fairly unique.

Click on . . . How to beat better tennis players – free ebook

Free Tracts! I have designed a number of tracts to use on college campuses, especially for skeptics. Do you know any atheists / evolutionists / skeptics? You can download — for free — pdfs of these tracts that you will find within my essay, Tracts — Choosing and Using. The essay discusses the selection and use of tracts and various sources from which to obtain them. In the article you will also find some tracts I have designed for “churchgoers.” You can print the pdfs yourself, or attach them in an email to a friend, or use your local printshop to produce them in quantity. I’m just hopeful that you will find one or more of them useful. Please let me know if you do.

Since a tract tends to employ “punchy” language and concise argumentation (at least I try!), you may also find it useful to simply lift some of the arguments for use in your own 121 work or correspondence. A friend of ours recently used arguments from one of our tracts in a “letter to the editor,” which was then published.


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