Sunday morning is our main teaching time. Dr. Dave prepares and teaches with participation from all of us. I usually take notes and and am now in the process of typing them up to have as a reference and to upload onto the site.

Caveat: These are therefore “my interpretations” of the teachings/discussions we have on Sunday mornings.

We use a number of commentaries to help in our studies. Here is a list in case you want to know which ones.

1. Understanding the Bible (An Independent Baptist Commentary) by David H. Sorenson, Northstar Ministries

2. various volumes of verse by verse commentaries by John R. Rice, published by Sword of the Lord Publishers, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

3. Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible, published by Thomas Nelson, Inc., Nashville, Tennessee

4. various volumes of verse by verse commentary by Harold B. Sightler, published by Tabernacle Baptist Church, Greenville, South Carolina

5. Studies in the Four Gospels by G. Campbell Morgan, published by Fleming H. Revell Company, Old Tappan, New Jersey

6. The Pulpit Commentary, edited by H. D. M. Spence and Joseph S. Exell, published by Hendrickson Publishers, Peabody, Massachusetts

7. Advanced Bible Study Series, by David W. Cloud, Way of Life Literature, Port Huron, Michigan and
Cloud’s Way of Life Encyclopedia

8. The New Defender’s Study Bible, King James Version, annotations prepared by Henry M. Morris, World Publishing,Inc., Nashville, Tenessee

~~ Bonnie

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