Some Practical Suggestions on How to Please Your Husband

1. Give him at least several compliments (or hugs) a day.
2. Compliment him in public.
3. Never criticize him in public or in front of his friends. Especially don’t correct his stories in public even if he isn’t telling it just right.
4. Make him home cooked meals. Serve them with candlelight and dress up the table.
5. Spend a night at home when you would prefer to go out. Remember, he’s been at work all day and may really want to relax at home.
6. More intimate relations. Really hero worship and adore him in these.
7. Give him his own private time and space or activities out with the guys.
8. Dress nicely or sensuously when he comes home.
9. Help him with some of his chores at home or even give him a break from one. Hire the neighbor boy to mow for once and give him some time off.
10. Send him loving emails or put love notes in his pocket, lunch box, shoes, luggage etc.or write one on the mirror in lipstick.
11. Give him coupons for hugs, kisses, massages or whatever would make him feel loved.
12. Tell him you love him every day. Sneak up behind him and kiss his neck.
13. Always leave and greet him at the door with hugs and kisses.
14. Teach him to be romantic and how to please you romanticly.
15. Trade babysitting with someone else so you and he can have a nice romantic evening alone at home.
16. Ask him for a list of his favorite meals and fix them for him frequently.
17. Spend time really listening to his goals in life and work.
18. If you are privileged to be a stay at home wife, be sure and thank him frequently for taking such wonderful care of you and providing well.
19. Spend some time reminiscing with him about memorable happy times.
20. Learn to enjoy a sport or activity that he loves and share it with him. This even includes watching sports on TV with him if that’s what he enjoys.
21. Get out the picture books and tell him how handsome he was and STILL IS!
22. Fix his favorite breakfast and get him off to work with the promise of an intimate evening. He will look forward to it all day!
23. Plan something special for his birthday. One year, I filled 47 balloons (one for every year) with tiny notes of romantic and sincere thoughts of love and appreciation and put them on our bed for his birthday. Some were coupons for hugs and kisses or a massage. He was still opening some a month after his birthday. I did mine on file folder labels so he could stick them all to a piece of paper and file it for future reference.
24. Take him out to a park and watch a sunset together.
25. Start a Bible study together on a subject that interests you both.
26. Read a book together. I usually read out loud and then we talk about it and critique the story or characters.
27. Go on walks together. It’s a good time to unwind and to discuss the day.


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