The Table is Set — a Poem by Bonnie

The table is set,
The food is spread,
We thank Thee, O Lord
For our daily bread.

But what would happen
If the Lord should come?
Would He be welcome
Inside our home?

Is there a place
Where He would fit?
Are we ready to joyously
Say, “Please, sit?”

Are there things in our house
He should not see?
Can we fling wide the door
And say, “Sup with me?”

Or would we say
“Just a moment, Lord,
We are not ready
To have you on board.

The house is a mess,
The noise is frightful!
I’m so far behind,
I’ve not opened my Bible.

No, I’m not ready for you yet.
There is no room at the table.
Please come again some other day
When I am much more able.”

“But, child,” He very gently says,
“You surely miss the way.
It’s now that you must ask Me in
‘Tis dangerous to delay.

I’ve come so you’ll appreciate,
The peace I long to give,
Your sin I will propitiate,
Eternal life you’ll live.

Don’t wait ‘til life is perfect,
That day will never come.
Ask Me in today, right now
To make this house a home.

A home where love is practiced.
Where the Lord does reign supreme.
His Word is reverential,
Eternal life is not a dream.

I’ll fill you with peace and joy,
With love, kindness, gentleness.
Meet me on a daily basis.
Sup with Me in all my fullness.

I’ll be there when times are good.
I’ll be with you when they’re tough.
We’ll travel this road together,
Whether it’s smooth or rough.

All the day, commune with Me,
Read My Word, constantly pray.
I’ll be there for every meal,
Every moment, every day.

And when this earthly life of yours,
Comes to a timely end,
To heaven you will swiftly fly
To dine with Me, my friend.”

(By Bonnie, Jan. 27,2009)

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