2 New Tracts: Walking’s Not Easy & Are UFOs Real? – 11/15/2017

This ‘blog’ introduces two new Gospel tracts.  The pdfs are also in my Tracts essay.  The first tract discusses the bio-mechanics of walking, something we take for granted, not realizing the incredible design required.

Tract image walking robot 1The greatest scientists and engineers on the planet struggle to build any machine that can come close to the human capacity to simply take a stroll.

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Tract – Walking’s Not Easy

The second tract discusses the spiritual warfare issues attached to UFOs.  This isn’t just about hoaxes or sci-fi stories.  Somebody is messing with us.

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Tract – Are UFOs Real

Are you out there on the front lines in this spiritual war?  Are you speaking truth boldly to those around you and giving them a chance to repent, trust Christ, and be born again?  Are you at least giving tracts out as you go about your errands?  If not, get busy!

Tract - UFOs image flying saucer



The war is heating up everywhere . . . in politics, in education, in culture, in the media . . . and above all, souls are at stake.  Don’t get distracted by the insanity overwhelming the Western world.  Focus on the Great Commission.  Check out my Evangelism essays, including the Tracts essay, and get busy!





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